Concrete Removal Denver, COWe offer concrete removal services in the Denver metro for all residential and commercial projects.

If you have a concrete driveway, sidewalk, patio, garage slab, wall or parking area that you would like torn out and removed, give us a call for a estimate (303) 848-8447.  Depending on access and the amount of concrete that needs to be removed, we typically can tear out and remove your concrete in a day.  We can also accommodate the need for a quick appointment, quick estimate and can almost always tear out your job within 72 hours of your call.

Equipment Used for Tear-out:

however, there are some circumstances where we do send a sample to a geotechnical engineer. This is a consideration at time with larger projects.   We also have hand-held breakers and saws for smaller concrete areas.  Whether you need to tear-out a large driveway or a small sidewalk, we have the tools to get the job done quick and right.

Removal Costs:

Our concrete removal costs depend on a few things; total sq ft, thickness, if there is a strengthening product in the concrete like rebar or wire mesh and the access to the slab.  All of these items considered, you can expect to pay between $2.00 - $5.00 a sq foot for a concrete tear-out project.  If we are pouring the concrete along with tear-out services for your project, the price a sq ft will come down.

Tear-out vs Resurfacing:

We get called all the time and asked if we can resurface a concrete slab instead of tearing out and replacing.  There are a few factors to consider when trying to figure out which is best for your situation.  A resurfaced slab that is under 2" thick will crack, chip and deteriorate.  Also if a slab has big cracks (over 1/4" wide) there are structural issues under your concrete that need to be addressed.  Usually more base, regraded and compacted to prevent future issues.  If you are to resurface over these cracks, the ground will continue to shift and the cracks will translate to the resurfaced areas.

If you are okay with adding an additional 2 inches to your existing slab, resurfacing may be a good option for you and removal may not be not necessary.

Tear-out Safety Concerns:

We take all necessary precautions when tearing out a slab of concrete.  Many times we will call 811 and get cable, electrical and water lines marked so we keep our employees safe and do not create a larger problem.  Most jobs do not require having a soil sample taken, however, there are some circumstances where we do send a sample to a geotechnical engineer. This is a consideration at time with larger projects.  When hiring Denver Concrete Company to remove your concrete, you can be sure we'll take the appropriate safety precautions. 

Call with any questions or for a concrete removal estimate (303) 848-8447

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