We are happy to sell one of the top brands in outdoor kitchen products in Denver.  Lion Premium Grills offer 2 great BBQ grill sizes and several outdoor kitchen accessories to fit any budget.  Their kitchen products will ensure your grilling expereince remains tailored to your standards.

 Lion Premium Grill Install  Lion Grill Installed

"Lion Premium Grills  offers 2 luxurious stainless steel gas grills — the L75000 which features 4 burners and the L90000 which showcases 5 total burners — that are crafted from only the highest quality materials. Our premium grills are stacked with a wide range of options and are designed and manufactured by experts to provide the user with the ultimate grilling experience."

Lion Premium Grill L7500 Lion Premium Grill - NG & LP

L7500 Model

 If you'd like a quote for any Lion Premium Grill products, please give us a call (303) 848-8447!